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Definition of Chupada

Chupada is a colloquial term that is frequently used with different connotations. Stay at so that you know the meaning of chupada and the uses of this word. Shall we start?

According to the SAR , Chupado is a colloquial adjective that is defined as someone or something very thin or weak, this academy also defines it as very easy.


  • He has been chupado after the keto diet.- He has become very skinny after the Keto diet.
  • The exam was chupado. – The exam was easy.

Synonyms of Chupada

  • Consumed
  • Easy
  • thin  
  • Lean
  • Weak
  • Exhausted
  • Dejected

In another context, this term for its colloquial use is often used in sexual matters, to refer to oral sex specifically.

Chupada origin …

Chupada is the participle of the verb Chupar, this in turn is defined as removing or extracting something or the substance of a thing with the tongue and lips.

By the origin of this we can hear people who usually say that something is sucked, when the juice is extracted from the pulp of some fruit.

In countries like Argentina and Colombia, chupado is synonymous with drunk, a person whose physical and mental capacities are altered by excess alcohol.