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Definition of Chibao

The word Chibao is an expression typical of the Caribbean islands , frequently used in countries like Cuba.

Generally, it is used in problematic situations, to refer to a person who is not performing his function properly . In sentences like: your work is chibao.

The expression chibao can also be used to highlight that an object is damaged or defective. An example could be when your car does not want to start, in that case you could say: Your car is chibao.

On the other hand, chibao is used to refer to situations that cannot be remedied or fixed. Example: leave that team like that, it is already chibao.

Also, for some people this term is used to define that something is broken or fractured . For example, if you have a broken arm, you could say: you have a chibao arm.

Variants of chibao in other countries

In some Latin American countries, there are colloquial words with a very similar meaning and that are written in a similar way. So it is worth thinking that they have the same origin.

Such is the case, of the word “enchabar”, frequently used in eastern Venezuela. This, like the word in question, is used to define that something is broken or damaged . In conjugations like: my car is enchabao ‘, my clothes are enchaba’.

In addition to being used to highlight the idea that someone wants to do us some damage or harm . For example: you want me to screw up the relationship.

Chibao in reggaeton

This word is used in some songs of the urban genre. In them, the artists use it as part of their jargon, to refer to being “hot” or wanting to have sex.

In addition, this expression can refer to the word “goat”. Which, in the Dominican Republic apart from being an animal means attentive or pending .

For what it is used, to highlight that someone is taking care of a person a lot. This, when using it as the conjugation “Enchivao” whose synonym in other countries would be “Empepao”.