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Definition of Caco

The meaning of caco in the Dominican Republic can be summed up to be a derogatory synonym of the word head, specifically in the construction Head of.

In this context, Caco is also used on that island as the name of a haircut, specifically that of a shaved head.

As a fact to keep in mind, outside this country the term caco is used as a colloquial name given to a thief.

Below we will show some basic examples about the use of caco in its different contexts.

  • ” Juan is a hot caco ” – Juan is a hot head.
  • ” Pedrito peeled to caco ” – Pedrito shaved his head.
  • “I’m tired of cacos” – I’m tired of thieves.

Origin of caco

Etymologically, the word caco comes from the Greek Kakos and the Latin Cacus, a name given in Greek mythology to the god of thieves.

In the Dominican Republic, the term caco comes from the word Casco, a helmet is an object that serves to protect the head from injury.

It is theorized that using the term helmet as a synonym for head comes from the Middle Ages, where knights used to wear helmets with different designs.


  1. Given the popularity of this word in the Dominican Republic, this term has appeared in some musical themes such as:
  2. “Pela a Caco” by the urban exponent Bullin47.
  3. “Caco e Maco” from the merengue player Toño Rosario .
  4. Bald people are also often called “caco pelao”.