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Definition of Brigandina

Brigandina is a word that perhaps many have heard from their grandparents’ mouths and that we know as synonymous with poor quality. But why? Next, in we will show you the meaning of Brigandina in the Dominican Republic and its origins.

The term brigandina is a compound word that comes from the English Bridge and Dime, which was a company specialized in building steam bridges in record time.

Bridge and Dime, was building bridges from 1906 to 1930. These deteriorated in a very short time, which clearly showed that they were of doubtful quality.

It is said that the word brigandina was popularized after a speech given by Rafael Leónidas Trujillo, in which he said “Those bridges were made to the brigandina”.

From there, the word has been part of the popular expressions of the Dominican Republic .


  • “The houses built by Ramón are made to the brigandina”
  • “Maria when she scrubs she does it to the brigandina”
  1. There are certain ship sails calls in Italian Brigandino and English Brigandine , which were used very frequently during the seventeenth century pirate ships.