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Definition of Bregar

The action of going to great lengths to achieve something in particular that usually tends to be very difficult to achieve or faces great risk. For example: In addition to rowing we had to bregar with the nets.

Do all kinds of luck to dominate a bull, especially when it is enraged.

dominican republic

It is defined as doing a specific task or simply doing something well done. An example would be: Nobody knows how to bregar with the car like I do.


It is about the excessive difficulty in performing a task, sometimes it may seem easy, however it requires physical or mental effort. For example: I am here bregando with the chemistry subject.


  1. To struggle
  2. Strive

dominican republic

  1. Effectiveness
  2. Delivery


  1. Difficulty
  2. Struggle


Bregar in all its meanings comes from the act of dominating a bull. That is to say, this word was born to designate the action of striving to dominate a bovine male. From there, the term expanded and began to be used in various contexts.

Sometimes the meanings are quite related to the original intention, however, in cases like the Dominican Republic, the semantics differ a bit, since they are inclined to do something well.


“Toca Bregar” is a song by the Colombian rapper known as “El Kalvo”. This song is sung together with the also Colombian “Hi-Kymon”. the song was released in mid-June 2021.