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Yo si te creo

Definition of Yo si te creo

The expression Yo si te creo has gained great popularity among organizations that fight against mistreatment of women in various countries of the world, given its relevance we will show you what is the meaning of Yo si te creo and what is its origin.

The phrase Yo si te creo translated into english is I do beleve you.

The phrase “Yo si te creo” refers to the accusations made by women against their abusers that are not heard by the authorities.

In many countries, especially within Latin America, the authorities often ignore complaints of mistreatment and harassment.

Taking into account this background, the Yo si te creo movement was born as a focus of women’s support for women victims of abuse.

Thanks to its nature, this expression has served as a motto within demonstrations, images, movements on social networks and others.

As a fact to take into account, this term reached the highest media level after a controversial case of sexual abuse occurred in Spain .

This event happened in 2016 when 5 young men sexually abused an 18-year-old girl in Pamplona .

After presenting evidence on video, the court decided to lower the sentence requested by the prosecution from 22 to 9 years of pressure on those responsible for the crime.

As a consequence of this, protests were organized against this court ruling with the slogan “Sister, Yo si te creo (I do believe you).”

In this case, the motto hints that, according to the judges’ words, the crime was not a violation as the victim had declared.

Therefore, this action was taken as a lack of confidence on the part of the authorities, thus giving rise to the term ” Yo si te creo” in support of the victim.