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Definition of Badlands

They called Badlands to mountain environments and aggregates remain eroded by water and wind due to the lack of vegetation.

These lands are particular due to characteristics such as: formation of arid channels as a result of a dry river, sinkholes in rocks, steep slopes known as “ravines” and rock columns.

Badlands is an English term that in Spanish translates as páramo. However, the moors have a definition with different characteristics. Páramo refers to the intertropical mountainous ecosystem with a greater predominance of scrub-type vegetation.

Bronco Badlands

On the subject of engines and novelties, this word is related to the new Bronco Badlands that the American vehicle manufacturer Ford advanced for 2021. It is an elegant off-road truck that is shown as a complete novelty for that year.

Badland movie

Badland, is an American film released in 2019 for western lovers. It was directed by Justin Lee and starred Kevin Makely and Mira Sorvino .

It tells the story of a detective (Kevin Makely) who is hired to find the most wanted criminals of the civil war. On his mission, he meets a woman (Mira Sorvino) who will put him through the most difficult trials of his goal.

Badlands Music Band

As ” Badlands ” was called the American hard rock band founded by British guitarist Ozzy Osbourne. In 1989 they released the album Badland, which was a success, reaching recognition positions on the Billboard chart.

Until 1998 the band was active and they released their latest discography entitled ” Dusk “.


Likewise, this same word defines an adventure video game developed by Frogmind Games for the iOS, Android , Windows platforms and the PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

The video game is about a character who seems not to be in a familiar world and must deal with different attackers to survive.

It is considered one of the most addictive and free games for mobile devices.

The video game Badland won the award for the game of the year in 2013 for iPad. Likewise, he was awarded the Grand Prix of the International Mobile Gaming Awards.