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Definition of Ily

  1. The abbreviation ILY comes from the English language and means I love you. Translated into Spanish, it means “I love you or I love you”. It is used, in a special way, in romantic settings for couples.
  2. By extension, it is used to express a feeling of great appreciation to someone close who is not necessarily the partner.


ILY is an acronym that is born among the speakers of the English language. Due to its wide use in English-speaking countries, it spread to Spanish-speaking people. This is used, especially, in social networks and, also, in the various chat platforms.

This acronym, generally, is used by a person who feels and wants to show great affection for another, becoming the typical phrase of people in love. However, it extends to other types of affections other than romantic ones.


  1. Ily is a song by the artist and producer “Surf Mesa” in the company of singer Emilee. This song was released in 2019 and gained great popularity, especially on the Tik Tok platform.
  2. Ily is an Arab rap artist. One of his most famous songs by this artist is called “Ah Ya Lil”.