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Definition of Gentlemen

Gentlemen is a masculine pronoun in the plural, which means men of elegant appearance, distinguished manners and exquisite education.  


  • Marcos is a gentle man.
  • My husband is quite a gentleman.

Apart from being used on men with certain characteristics such as elegance and a distinguished education, it is also used as a courtesy word to refer to older adults. 


  • Dandy 
  • Mr
  • Horse rider
  • Horseman 
  • Noble 
  • Polite
  • Distinguished 

Fun facts…

  • In ancient times a gentleman or gentleman, was the person who served the king or the nobility. 
  • This was the lowest rank in the landowning nobility, and they were characterized by having a coat of arms. 
  • The gentlemen is a comedy-action film, directed by Guy Ritchie, released in January 2020.

Gentlemen in other languages ​​…

  • France gentilhomme.
  • Spain caballero.
  • Portuguese cavaleiro.
  • Romanian cavaler.

This word in English can be combined with adjectives and vary its meaning, example:

  • Gentlemen farmers, farmland owners.
  • Gentlemen agrrement, verbal agreement between gentlemen.