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Definition of Wherever

Adverb from English that translates as “wherever” or “wherever”. For example: meet me wherever you want or “find me wherever you want“.


It is used to join different phrases and in Spanish it can mean “where” or “always”. An example would be: use whole grain breakfast cereals wherever possible or “use whole grains for breakfast whenever possible”.


In Hispanic contexts it is used colloquially to denote that something that is not of great importance or irrelevant in a conversation. For example: I went out with Juan, Marcos and whereverwe went to the movies.


Wherever is an Anglo-Saxon term that acts as an adverb or conjunction and is translated as “where”, “wherever” or “always”. In that sense, the use in Spanish is non-existent and would only correspond to the corresponding words of the Spanish language.

As a colloquial word wherever it has a wide use in Spanish and is used to summarize an unimportant comment in the middle of a conversation. It can be understood as a synonym for “etcetera”.


“Whenever, wherever” is how a song by the Colombian singer “Shakira” is known. This song was released in 2001 and belongs to the album “Servicio deundry”. The original title of the song is “Luck”.