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Definition of AKLR

AKLR ( Alaska Law Review ) , which translates into Spanish as  Law Review of Alaska , is a law journal focused on examining legal issues affecting the state of Alaska (United States).

It is staffed by sophomore and junior law students from Duke University School of Law and led by an advisory committee of faculty.

The Alaska Law Review has been published since 1984 in the months of June and December. It is run by students at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.

Alaska Law Review Beginnings

In 1971, the UCLA School of Law in Los Angeles, California; began publishing the Alaska Law Revision .

Later in 1983, the Alaska Bar Association appointed Duke University School of Law as the publisher. 

Alaska Law Review is considered one of the most widely circulated law journals in the United States. This is because a copy of it is distributed to each of its members.

AKLR at Duke 

Legal issues affecting Alaska require that a space be dedicated to them and posted. However, no law school operates in this state.

Thus, the Alaska Bar Association, recognizing this need, appointed Duke Law School in Durham as the publisher of the law journal.