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Definition of Berraco

 Male pig not castrated and used as a stallion to procreate. The best pig of the herd is generally chosen for this purpose. Also, it is often called a father pig.


A hard-working and fighter man who stands out in something of his equals. An example of this is: Jose is a construction boar.

Act of bravery and standing out from the crowd. Generally, it is referred to as “berraquera”.

 Mood highlighted by frustration and anger. for example: Today I am berraco

It is said of someone who is very restless, especially mothers express it to their children. For example: This Chinese berraco!


It is said of a person that he is stupid, useless or that he can be easily fooled. An example would be: My brother is very bitchy, that’s why we always cheat on him.

Person who, due to his uncleanliness or misconduct, is not well seen by others.


In art and archeology it is a large sculpture that represents an animal, normally it can represent bulls and pigs. 


  1. Daring
  2. Strained
  3. Resolved
  4. Energetic


  1. Weak
  2. Flimsy
  3. Loose
  4. Discouraged


Berraco or Verraco comes from the Latin verres. This noun originally designates a pig that, due to its size and appearance, is chosen to contribute its genetics for the following generations of pigs. Although the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) does not define Berraco among its pages, it has not been an impediment for society to use it and give it even the same meaning of Verraco, without this word being wrong.

From the original meaning of boar, and because of its homophony to boar, people from different places began to use it in different ways. For example, the RAE accepts each of the meanings that occurs in Cuba. For its part, in the uses that occur in Colombia it is clear that part of the gallantry and appearance of this domestic animal.


“I have a berraco” is a rock song in Spanish by the group “El Koala”. The song is framed in the original concept of the term, that is, of a father pig.

The word berraco is part of the dictionary of Colombianisms.