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Definition of Chambea

Conjugated form of the verb “chambear” and refers to all kinds of actions carried out or all human activities that can or should be recognized as work. In other words, it is a synonym for the imperative “work.” For example: This weekend instead of resting chambea. 

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It is the action of preparing a firearm to be able to operate, that is, it is about loading the weapon and then being able to use it.

Prepare for any type of confrontation, be it physical or verbal. In this case, it refers to preparing everything to be ready for the duel.

In some contexts, especially urban ones, it refers in this way to the act of dancing reggaeton. For example: I love how that girl chambea.

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  1. Word used to refer to the action of consuming drugs. For example: Juan only goes to the party to chat and does not even dance or talk to someone.


  1. To work
  2. Camellar
  3. Labor

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  1. Prepare
  2. Enlist


  1. Dance
  2. Perrear

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  1. Get high


Chambea comes from the old Portuguese word chamba which means “leg” or “rude”. It is not known exactly how the meaning was adapted, however, since 2014 the verb chambear is officially accepted in Spanish as a synonym for working.

Previously chambearing was the work action of the peasants who did small tasks and without work constancy. In other words, it was a non-permanent informal job. However, the meanings have been broadened by cultural variations in different areas.


“Chambea” is a 2017 song by the Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny. It was released on December 1 and achieved great popularity internationally. Especially, in Spain it was part of the top 7 of the most popular in the month of its promotion

There is an application for Android and Apple mobiles called “Chambea”. It seeks to connect different independent workers with employers throughout the Latin American area.