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Definition of Cabrón

You may wonder what the word cabrón means after having heard it in various media, if that is the case, then we will tell you what the meaning of cabrón is and what its origin is. Shall we start?

The meaning of cabrón has various definitions depending on its context, among them we can say that it is something very difficult, complicated, horrible or simply undesirable.

In another context this word can be used as a synonym for other insults such as Cursed, unhappy, motherfucker and others.


This word originates from Spain , where goats were colloquially called cabrón to differentiate them from female goats.

In this context, goat males were associated with the popular phrase riding the horns which was used as a synonym for infidelity.

In this way the term cabrón was associated with a man who was the victim of an unfaithful wife.

It should be noted that this phrase spread to all Spanish-speaking territories where it obtained different meanings and connotations.


Next, we will show some examples of use in their different contexts.

  1. “Adalberto is a tremendous cabrón” – Adalberto suffers constant infidelity.
  2. “This is good cabrón” – The situation is difficult.
  3. “These cabrones if they bother” – These damn if they bother.

As additional information this word can be transformed into the adjective Pissed off , which refers to being angry.

In 2020, the Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny released the song Está cabron ser yo in collaboration with Anuel AA from his studio album YHLQMDLG.

This term is very popular and used in the colloquial language of countries like Puerto Rico , Mexico and Spain in their different contexts.