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Definition of Bacano

An adjective that qualifies as very nice people, objects, situations, among others and that is synonymous with cool. It is used mainly in Colombia. For example: I had a great time with my girlfriend yesterday; We went to the movies and we had our first kiss.


  1. Cool
  2. Nice
  3. Cool
  4. Beautiful


  1. Ugly
  2. Repellent
  3. Horrible
  4. Tasteless


Bacano is a word that originated in Colombia , however there is no clear information on why it is used. Normally, it is used to qualify something as “very good”, “very nice” or “attractive”. In addition, it is a word frequently used in this country, regardless of the geographical area.

It is also used in other areas of Latin America such as Venezuela and the Dominican Republic. In the case of the first country, the meaning does not vary. Then, for the Dominican Republic, although the initial meaning is understood, the use has been adapted to designate someone who wants to appear fashionable or from a high social stratum and does not succeed.


The term bacano is another of the popular expressions that characterize Latinos; one that, due to its meaning and the way it is used, is very easy to understand. It can be synonymous with cool, nice, pretty, surprising and many other terms that have a similar concept.

Bacano is a song by the Colombian group Los Tupamaros.