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Definition of Apopoliao

The term apopoliao is a vulgar word of colloquial origin in the street language of the Dominican Republic . If you wonder what this curious word means, then we will show you the meaning of apopoliao and what is its origin.

In the colloquial language of the Dominican Republic, Apopoliao is an adjective that is used to refer to someone who has been subdued by a ” popola “.

In this context, the word popola makes a direct allusion to the female reproductive organ, which is why it is a direct synonym of said organ.

As a vulgar word, this term is usually coined in street environments and topics with a high sexual connotation.

As an example, this word is used when a woman using her reproductive organ and strong blows to the waist leaves her male partner weak and subdued.


” Anita left me apopoliao ” – Anita sexually subdued me with her reproductive organ.

As additional information, this word serves as a name for a song by Dembow’s urban exponent known as Ferra .

In another instance, grammatically this word is made up of 3 merely colloquial elements such as:

  • A (Colloquial Prefix)
  • Popola (female reproductive organ)
  • Iao (colloquial suffix)