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Definition of Agarre

It is in its colloquial use where there are more meanings for this word, since it is possible that it means, kissing or kissing in countries like Chile or Peru, or it can be an expression to designate the practice of the sexual act in other regions.

Agarre usually refers to the attachment or adherence of an object to the surface on which it is moving.


  1. Kissing
  2. To grasp, grasp, grasp, grasp, grasp, grasp, grasp, grasp.
  3. To root, to hold, to grasp, to hold on to.
  4. To fight, quarrel


The word agarre is very versatile as it has several meanings in different contexts.
It is possible to summarize it as the action or act of grasping, taking, catching, holding or firmly grasping something with a limb or part of the body, generally with the hands.

The etymology of this word is composed of the prefix “a” from the Latin “ad” proximity, the noun “claw” and a flexive suffix “ar” infinitive of verbs.

Colloquially it is also used to say that “se agarró un resfriado” meaning that someone has acquired an illness, or to express about something that causes surprise to a person, for example “la tormenta les agarró mientras venían”.

As a synonym of lograr can mean to achieve something that is desired after much searching, for example “José got a good job”.

It is also often used as a meaning for when something is held in place “en un lugar el clavo no agarró en la madera” or it can mean to hold on tightly to something “Juan se agarró con fuerza a la barandilla para no caerse”.

Colloquially it also has the meaning of fighting of two or more people in the expression: “Juan y Miguel se agarraron a pelear” or understood as the action of taking or accepting a thing as a justification, as for example in the sentence: “siempre se agarra a su falta de tiempo para no venir”.


In martial arts grappling, which can be translated into Spanish as “agarre”, refers to systems of fighting, body to body that do not involve blows to beat the opponent, but use techniques of takedown, position and submission to score points and force his surrender.