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Definition of Avión

Colloquially it refers to a lively, alert person, who is attentive to everything that happens around him.

Its widely spread meaning is obviously an aircraft consisting of wings, and which is sustained and moves forward as a result of the action of one or more engines.


  1. Aircraft, airplane
  2. Crafty, alert person.
  3. Bird


The etymology of the word airplane, refers to the French “avion”, coming from the Latin word “avis” which can be translated as “bird”. Specifically, it is a word coined in France in 1875 and refers to a vehicle that moves through the air thanks to its winged engine.

The general meaning designates the airplane as a means of transport that is part of the aircraft, as all vehicles that can fly are known.

But in colloquial slang, used in several Latin American countries, its connotation is used to designate a person, which results in his or her being someone very lively.

It can also mean tricky, advantageous, lively or awake, very attentive to everything that is happening around him. For example, it is often used in the expression: “that Andrés is an airplane” as meaning that he is an individual who presents these characteristics.


Cargo airplanes, which are those that transport large amounts of goods, have a much larger size than passenger airplanes and lack seats and are the heaviest. Therefore, their doors are wider so that what is being transported can be taken in and out more comfortably.

Boeing is the aeronautical company with the highest sales worldwide.

In the Dominican Republic the word airplane is used to designate a girl who has several boyfriends.