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Definition of Congreso

Meeting or conference that takes place periodically, its estimated duration can be hours or days depending on the importance of the subject to be discussed. For example: Every 5 years is carried out “el congreso mundial de Adventistas del Séptimo Día” (the world congress of Seventh-day).


It is the body that is responsible for bringing the legislative power of a nation. Likewise, it is made up of various members who are called congressmen.

By extension, the building in which the legislative power of a country meets is conceived as a “Congreso”.


  1. Meeting
  2. Conference
  3. Council
  4. Assembly


  1. Legislative power
  2. National Assembly
  3. advice


Congreso is a word that comes from the Latin congressus which means meeting. Designates, originally a periodic meeting or board of several people to debate on a particular topic. It can be given for academic, associative or other reasons.


Since the times of the Roman Empire, the figure of Congress has been used for political representatives of a nation. In countries where democracy has been consolidated, Congress is authorized to make changes to the constitution through bills.


In many of the democratic countries, Congress is made up of a bicameral figure that is made up of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

In the case of the political meaning, the word Congreso must always be used with an initial capital letter as it is a proper noun.