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Randa Party

Definition of Randa Party

The term “Randa Party” comes from a song of the same name and is part of the world of pop music from India . Next, we will show you what the meaning of Randa party is and what this curious song is about.

Randa party is a song by Indian pop singer Gulzaar chhaniwala released at the end of 2019.

This phrase is composed of the Hindi word Randa which means to plan or plane and Party, English word that means party.

In this way we can conclude that the meaning of Randa party is “Airplane party or Party in the heights.”

This phrase refers to a party that has reached great heights or that is simply high society.

As an additional fact, the promotional video of Randa Party was published in premiere on December 30, 2019.

In this video, it is observed how a group of friends arrives at a celebration and they get ready to dance while all the other guests join the dance.