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Definition of Afrentoso

Afrentoso comes from afrenta, that is to say that it provokes or causes dishonor, shame, affecting the reputation, dignity or good name.

In the urban genre of reggaeton it is used in the sense of referring to a daring person who by his imprudence, causes affront, discomfort or embarrassment.


  1. Insulting
  2. Offensive
  3. Outrageous
  4. Injurious
  5. Scornful

ORIGIN OF Afrentoso

This word is an adjective that has its origin in the transitive active verb: “afrentar” and in the suffix “oso”, which refers to abundance or relative abundance. In its etymology it is composed of the prefix “a” from the Latin “ad” which means proximity, from the noun “frente”.

It is totally understandable that in the urban music genre this word is frequently used, for example if we refer to a public affront, it is the insults that go against the honor and dignity of an artist of the genre in order to make known, either truths that no one knew, or slander of the artist, person or group of people.

In this way, it seeks to make him look bad or ridicule him, thus putting the artist or exponent victim of the affront, to make a kind of denunciation to the affronter, since this can be taken as an insult in the case that it is false. It is usually done in a song or in a verse or lyric of some lyrics and then sung, which is known as “tiraera”.

Afrentoso means in the slang of the urban music exponents, the one who annoys another, looking for a fight and his dishonor, product of envy or jealousy, resulting in an insult that offends the exponent against his credibility.


Several artists of the genre have this adjective as a nickname.