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Definition of Paraninfo

It is the assembly hall of a university where important events take place , such as the investiture ceremonies of academic positions or others such as the opening of the course. For example: For the closing ceremony, everyone must attend the paraninfo.


Italian word that translates into Spanish as “matchmaker“. That is, a person who works or performs actions to unite couples and marry them. This work was common in ancient times and is still relevant in some societies.


In academic centers, the paraninfo was the person who announced the entrance to classes, usually, he did so with a speech that motivated the study.


  1. Audience
  2. Meeting room
  3. Hall


  1. Intermediary
  2. Celestino
  3. Matchmaker


The word paraninfo, in all its meanings, comes from the Greek paranymphus which means “godfather of the bride and groom”. It is not clear why it is applied in Spanish for a meeting room, but it is for someone who announces as a “godfather” in a ceremony. In this context, it is understood as one who makes an important announcement in a meeting.


The relationship of the term with weddings is completely clear and for this reason it is used to determine who officiated as “matchmakers”. That is, those who helped arrange various marriages by trade. This type of work was very common in ancient times.


In ancient tales such as “The Thousand Nights and One Night” it is very common to find that there is talk of elderly women who were dedicated to finding a wife for important people. This is a clear example of what a matchmaker did.