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Definition of Aficie

Noun that is closely related to falling in love and interpersonal relationships. The aficie is the object of a deep romantic attraction. For example: Rodrigo is my aficie, I want him only for myself.


Feeling of being very attracted to a person, that is, feeling deeply in love with someone. In other words, feeling pimp or swallowed by someone.


  1. Swallow
  2. Enchule
  3. Sentimental addiction
  4. Whim


Aficie comes from the Spanish word “Asfixia” which literally means “Interruption of breathing”. However, the meaning of Aficie in the Dominican Republic is the feeling of being very attracted to a person and deeply in love.

The aficie is that person who produces in another a state of deep infatuation. The relationship with the term suffocation is that the person when seeing the object of his love feels that he is short of breath. For this reason, the word is associated more with a whim or enchule than with a real or true love. Also, it is more consistent with a teenage love.


Tu aficie soy yo” is a 2016 song by the artist named “Mozart la para“. In this topic the meaning of the term is clearly portrayed.

In the Dominican Republic, the expression “aficiado como un perro” is also used in the same meaning.