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Definition of Acotejar

Acotejar is a word that is widely used in several countries, especially in the Dominican Republic, where this term is part of the daily life. Next, we will show you what is the meaning of Acotejar in the Dominican Republic and what its origins are.

The origin of Acotejar is likely to come from the word “Cotejar” which is a synonym for “compare” or “Check.”

On the other hand, we have that the meaning of Cotejar in the Dominican Republic is “Accommodating or Arranging.”

This meaning is the one that brings the most identity to the word, being used with great variety in all kinds of conversations.


  • You have to Acotejar those boxes well”: You have to accommodate those boxes well.
  • That picture is badly Acotejada”: That picture is not arranged.

Now, another possible meaning of matching is the variant that defines it as “Feeling comfortable or seated.”


  • I am well Acotejado on this mattress“: I feel very comfortable on this mattress.
  • “We saw a house and we’re “acotejados” in the meantime”: We settled in a house in the meantime.

Another possible variant of the meaning of Acotejar is when we use this word as a synonym for fitting something or making it fit sharply.


  • “They Acotejaron us badly on a bus”: They made us snap into a bus.

Now you know what Acotejar Meaning is