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Definition of Purrfect

Onomatopoeic derivation of perfect associated with the purring of cats and that maintains the meaning of perfection. For example: This quote was purrfect.

For cat lovers, especially in the United States, this expression means “perfect” in feline language.


The expression purrfect comes from the English language as a derivative of the word perfect, but imitating in the first syllable the sound of cats purring. Thus, the onomatopoeia purr was combined with the word perfect to give birth to the expression purrfect, a funny feline combination of these two words.

In the United States the word purrfect has been of great popularity, this phrase has been put on t-shirts, mugs and other accessories related to cats. Lovers of these animals have popularized it through social networks.


Purrfect is a 2017 song by the artist “Crapface”. This theme is a combination of electronic rhythms and the pop genre.

The term “purrfect” is the protagonist of thousands of memes on the internet related to cats and feline culture. Such is its popularity that it has become a major factor in the cat lover’s niche market.