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Definition of Panas

It is used as a synonym for friends to refer to someone with whom you have closeness and trust.

Group of people who are talking, sharing or having fun.

textile industry

Plural of a thick and soft fabric that is used especially to insulate the cold. It is used in a smooth, embroidered way and, the most popular, carved.


Plural liver of animals.

Errors or bad products produced by a machine in poor condition.

Failure in a car due to various failures, including the engine or the wheels.


Presumptuous or overpriced people. It is used as an adjective and usually in the singular. For example, “you are very pana or panudo”.


Plastic container or other material that is used to draw water from a tank or any type of water reserve that is normally held for domestic use.


Lift boards used for the floor of small boats.


In some places it is used as an adjective (unofficial) of the citizens of Panama.


  1. Friends
  2. Compadres
  3. Chorus
  4. Partners
  5. Classmates


  1. Enemies
  2. Contenders
  3. Opposites
  4. Antagonistic
  5. Opponents


Due to the plurality of meanings of the term Panas, several origins are identified that respond to different Spanish-speaking areas. One of the best known versions of the origin of this word is from the word Panaca from the Inca language, which means family in this pre-Hispanic language. From this perspective, a corduroy is someone who considers himself familiar.

Another word with which panas is associated is like a deformation of the English term partner,which translated into Spanish means partner. In this case the semantics are similar and it would not present any type of ambiguity with the Inca origin.

In Venezuela, it is argued that panas comes from a “bakery”. This responds to the fact that it is a place frequented by friends. Also, because the figure of the baker is that of a good-natured person who invests his time in making a product that makes many happy.

In Chile, the various variants that are used of panas come from the Mapudungun language and French. The first corresponds to the one that designates the liver of animals and the word is puanca. For the second case, from the French term panne that refers to fixing a fault in the sail (or skin) of a boat, this was associated with breakdowns in cars.

Finally, for the textile product, the term pana or panas comes from the French panne this from the Latin pannus which means “skin”.


In countries like the Dominican RepublicVenezuela and Puerto Rico the term panas works as a synonym for good friends or colleagues respectively.

The term Panas Full which works to designate two very close people or best friends. It works as an enhancer of panas giving it a greater degree of forcefulness and granting a greater degree of friendship to it.

This word appears in the musical theme Como Panas, by the Puerto Rican singer Bryant Myers.