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Dame Banda

Definition of Dame Banda

dominican republic

Colloquial expression that means “give me peace of mind“, “leave me alone” or “don’t bother me”. That is, it is a phrase that is used to ask another to allow him to be alone or quiet. For example: Dame banda and go home.

In couples contexts it means ending a relationship, an example would be: “Ella le dio banda a ese tipo porque no lo quería” (she left it because she didn’t want it).

Getting away from something or someone for different reasons, for example: “Dale banda a ese negocio que no te conviene” (leave this business, it doesn’t suit you).


  1. Leave me alone
  2. Get away
  3. go away
  4. Leave me alone


It is said that the word “banda” in the phrase “dame banda” is associated with the thread that is used to fly a chichigua or kite, if it was cut, people would say: “se fue en banda”. This expression evolved and acquired different appreciations.

There is no record of when it began to be used in the Dominican Republic as a synonym for “leave me alone”. However, the relationship is clear with the prudent space ratio that is allowed when releasing the kite string. From there, there are many applications of the phrase.


In January 2018, the urban genre artist Jairo Matos Cuevas, better known as “El Super Nuevo”, premiered a video on the YouTube platform of his song called “Dame banda”. 

The artist Odalis Pérez, known in the urban genre as “Secret the Famous Baby Bottle”, premiered a musical theme in the company of “Mark B” called “Dame banda” in June 2019.

In Venezuela the phrase “Dame amor en banda” is used to refer to being offered a lot or a lot of love.