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Definition of Chamaquito

Someone who is a minor or who is still in childhood or adolescence is called a chamaquito or chamaquita. For example: Pablo is a little boy as you see him.

By extension, a person is called chamaquito who despite being an adult has behaviors that reflect immaturity or that are characteristic of children.


In this country it is a synonym for boyfriend or a person who maintains romantic relationships. In this context: I want Alberto to be my little boy.


  1. Boy
  2. Young
  3. Young guy


  1. Groom
  2. Partner
  3. Loved


The term “chamaquito” derives from the word “chamaco” which comes from the Nahuatl word chamahuaThis word is synonymous with maturing, growing or becoming a man. For this reason, its most used meaning in the Spanish language is of a boy or a girl who is in the process of maturing.

Nahuatl is a Mexica language, that is, a pre-Hispanic language. But, even so, this language is still spoken by a large number of people in Mexico. From this come words such as avocado, chocolate, pampering and many others that have been adopted by the Spanish.


The term “chamaquito” is used to create the expression “chamaquinada”, which is used as a synonym for childishness or immaturity.

“They can’t with the little boy” is a song by the urban artist “Arcangel”. This song was released in 2008 and is part of the album “La maravilla”.

“Gabo, el chamaquito” is a Chilean urban artist for children. This singer has had a large following despite his young age.