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Acho Puñeta

Definition of Acho Puñeta

It is said of a person who does evil or is extremely mischievous, especially when he is young. For example: Acho puñeta I don’t want to see you here.

An exclamation that expresses strong encouragement or a complaint. For example: Acho puñeta, what a good vibe!


Acho puñeta is the union of two words used in the Puerto Rican dialect, which are, “acho” and “puñeta”. Acho, meanwhile, is used as a short way of saying “boy”, and “fist” works as an expression of anger. Thus, acho puñeta could be interpreted as “demon boy”.

In the countries of Central America and the Caribbean, the phrase is also used as an expression of encouragement and encouragement. On the other hand, it can be interpreted as an intense complaint. In either case, it is used as an intensifier of what you want to communicate. That is, to give more intensity to the message.


In 2018, the Puerto Rican Reggae group, Gomba Jahbari, premiered the song “Acho Puñeta” which enjoyed good popularity during that year.

Said by one of the writers of the song “Acho Puñeta” is a call of encouragement to the most oppressed ethnic groups in Latin America.