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Definition of XD

Emoticon that represents a face that laughs out loud. From this perspective, it is used to indicate that something someone is very funny or causes a lot of laughter. For example: Did you see how Jorge fell? XD.

In some contexts the combination of these two letters with the phrase “by God” is interpreted. Thus, it can be used as a sign of disbelief in the face of an event or oath.


XD comes from the need to express different emotions through symbols. In this case, it represents a face that laughs out loud. Thus, the “X” symbolizes closed eyes while the “D” an open mouth. It is one of the best known and most used emoticons on the internet.

The use of this symbol is undoubtedly very striking, this is because it is associated with different contexts. Its most common use, however, is within the conversations of the youngest in social network chats and even in internet forums.


Many people who use the emoji do it ironically as in “Donald Trump is my hero xD” to make fun of something that is being talked about.

xD- Picture Card is a memory format that was developed by Olympus and Fuji and is generally used for photographic devices from the same companies.

Pokémon XD is a video game created for Gamecube devices that seeks to recover and purify Pokémon that have been contaminated with evil.