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Definition of Yales

Plural of Yal, a word used in the urban music genre to refer to girls who like to dance reggaeton.


  1. Girls, women.


For reggaeton singers, the meaning of the term “yales” -as plural of “Yal”- is referred to those girls who like to dance all the way down, to the sound of this catchy rhythm. In addition, many agree that this word comes from Jamaica, and means woman, thus changing the form of “gial” to yal.

The term “gial” is like an evolution of “girl” in the colloquial English of Jamaica, in Puerto Rico, the word also has this variant of “yales”, that is to say “yal”, but in singular.

In that sense, although it may be true that the word can be used derogatorily, many of the exponents of the genre condemn such assertion.


In an interview the artist Jowell says: “this word is a little more than 25 years old. “Yal’ comes from Jamaica and that’s how it has been said in many countries. The concept ‘gial’ was changed due to the Puerto Rican jíbaros who wrote it as ‘yal’ and used it to refer to women in their slang, but to those who like perreo and reggaeton…”.
He added that “men who perrean are called ‘man’ and women are called ‘yal’… none of the exponents of this genre support the use of a derogatory word towards women”.