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Definition of Allantoso

Allantoso se refiere a aquella persona que habla mucho y hace poco, que es presumida.


  1. Presumptuous
  2. Conceited
  3. Conceited
  4. Conceited
  5. Ostentatious

ORIGIN OF Allantoso

The word Allantoso is used in the Dominican Republic to designate a person who is conceited, it is an expression that applies to both men and women.

It comes from the word “allante” which was incorporated into Dominican Spanish many years ago and has enjoyed the preference of Dominican speakers during all that time.

There it is very clearly remembered when it was part of the slang of high school students, accompanying those speakers even into university classrooms where it prevailed in use. Allantar refers to to persuade with lies; to impress someone; to show off.

In this sense, it is not possible to limit this word only to the noun, but it is also necessary to touch on the verb: allantar, and the adjective allantoso, which are treated here and which performs the functions of a noun.

This word designates a person who convinces another by means of deception.
As allante, its noun, refers to persuading with lies or boasting about something that is not true, then allantoso is defined as that person who succeeds, through lies, in persuading another.


It is quite probable that this word appeared in the speech of the Dominicans in the fifties of the 20th century. This period is proposed because it is not found in the most famous works of lexicography. But some claim to remember the beginning of the use of this word in the early sixties.