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Benito Camelo

Definition of Benito Camelo

Proper and unusual name that designates a man.

Albúr that seeks to say ” come and touch it to me “, referring to the intimate parts of the man or the woman. From this perspective, the proper name becomes a double meaning phrase with sexual content.


Benito Camelo is a gamble, which is known as a play on words that have a double meaning and can be interpreted in one way or another depending on the context. In this case, it is an invitation to touch the intimate parts of the person who expresses it, usually a man.

There are variants of this albur such as Benito Camela or Benito Kamelas. The latter refers literally to the roe or testicles.

The albures as Benito Camelo are very popular in the Spanish language. Mainly, in Mexico these types of phrases are widely used. Its use is so great that many celebrities have fallen for this word game through social networks and other media.


Benito Camelo is a song by the Mexican group “Machingon”. This band is characterized by making alternative music that mixes sounds like reggae, ska and Rock.

In Spain there is an Alternative Rock Band called Benito Kamelas. The song “Those Things We Used to Do” is one of his most famous songs.