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Definition of 34+35

  1. Simple mathematical operation that results in 69.
  2. By extension, it refers to a sexual position characterized by mutual oral stimulation. That is to say, it is a fellatio and a cunnilingus simultaneously.


  1. The 69
  2. Mutual oral s##x
  3. El delicioso


There is no reference to the use of this combination of numbers to refer to the 69 position, not before the Ariana Grande song. However, due to its logical nature, it is possible that it is not the origin of it. The sexual connotation of this operation is totally explicit.


  1. The titles of the songs of the moment do not usually include too many numbers, but in this case, Ariana Grande has done it with 34 + 35, the title of one of her singles.
  2. Song 34 + 35 is totally explicit and refers to a woman who wants to have sex with a man all night long. Among other things, he expects them to do 69.