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Definition of Lpmqtp


It is the anagram of a very popular insult in Spain, it is used especially in social networks. It specifically sums up the phrase “la p#ta madre que te parió” (the fucking mother who gave birth to you).

A variant of this insult is used which is lpmqtphdlgp and it means “la p#ta madre que te parió, hijo de la gran p#ta”. (the bitch who gave birth to you, son of the big bitch). Actually, it would be a form of insulting with greater intensity.


In the South American country, the variant “lpqtp” is used instead of this abbreviation, which means “la p#ta que te parió” (the bitch that gave birth to you). One of the contexts in which it is most used is in that of soccer’s brave bars.

In the wine-making context, this anagram has been taken as a “lindo periodo qué tiempos pletóricos” (beautiful period, what plethora times) referring to a wine produced in the “Bodega Mendoza”.


Lpmqtp and its variants are born from the insult “la p#ta madre que te parió” (the fucking mother who gave birth to you) and, ultimately, from the need to censor and shorten the phrases expressed on social networks. These “words” are taken as pseudo-acronyms and have become popular throughout the internet.

Depending on the geographical context, variations can be found in the phrase and also in the acronym. However, in essence the use and the meaning are the same regardless of the geographical location in which they are expressed.


In Argentina the phrase ” Macri lpqtp ” has become popular due to an alleged purchase of a soccer match by former president “Mauricio Macri”. This association stems from the ties the politician had with the club and the strange way in which the club seemed to have favoritism and support from the government.

“LPQTP 2020” is a sparkling wine produced in Mendoza and that seeks to express itself as a perfect liquor for the farewell to a year as difficult as 2020 was.

In social networks such as Tik Tok and Twitter, the hashtag #lpmqtp is widely used and, normally, it is associated with publications in which those who do not know the meaning of the acronym or its variants are treated as innocent or naive.