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Definition of WikiLeaks

The word Wikileaks is formed by the union of the words Wiki and Leaks. Wiki comes from the Hawaiian word ‘wiki wiki’ and it translates into English as “fast”, while Leaks is an English word that means that something accidentally is losing its content.

With the union of both words (Wiki and Leaks) the word “WikiLeaks” was born, which means “rapid leakage of information”. It should be noted that part of this term (Wiki) first appeared in the world of computing in 1995.

WikiLeaks Organization

WikiLeaks is the name of an international non-profit organization, known worldwide for publishing through its website confidential documents and reports that contain material with a high index of public interest, characterized by anonymity in their sources.

In 2010 Wikileaks reached the media summit by publishing sensitive material about the war conflicts that occurred in Iraq and Afghanistan, where bad procedures by the soldiers of the United States of America army in this area are exposed.

The visible face of Wikileaks is the Australian journalist Julian Assange, who was a refugee in the Ecuadorian embassy in London in 2012. This measure was taken by him after knowing the extradition request of the United States government to try him for considering that he is a spy agent.