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Definition of Whoosh

This English word is of Anglo-Saxon origin and has multiple meanings.

The literal translation of this word into Spanish is “Noise”, although, depending on the sentence in which it is used, it can also mean rumble, hum, sound, blow or even whistle.

In addition to this meaning, with this word we can find several concepts associated with this term.

Whoosh Sound Effect

Another concept associated with this word is that of an instrument that allows designing packages of different sound effects.

These sounds range from a whistle to the sound of the wind or a motor starting with an extensive library of effects.

It includes different categories such as the effects of wind, fire, metal, water, motor and explosion.

They are widely used for special effects in videos.

Cycling whoosh

This concept is also associated with a web platform dedicated to cycling and also with a brand of competition bicycles.

With the social isolation measures implemented by the 2020 pandemic , this platform for virtual cycling competitions gained a lot of notoriety, especially in Colombia.

In this way, the Whoosh digital platform offers the possibility of virtual cycling where several of the routes and stages of the UAE Tour can be filmed and works for IOS devices.

Whoosh reditt

Another meaning for this term is the one found on the platform called Reditt, which is characterized by being a social network.

In it, Internet users interact, leave comments and chat.

In this case the term Whoosh is used when someone says something with a double meaning, ironically or jokingly and the other person does not understand the meaning of the joke.