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Definition of LMAO

It is an acronym that comes from the English phrase Laughing My Ass Off and its meaning in Spanish is “Me cago de la risa”. This expression is used when indicating that something is very funny. For example: I saw a movie and the whole time I was LMAO.

By extension, it is used as a synonym that something is funny or causes laughter regardless of its intensity.


The acronym LMAO comes from the English phrase laughing my ass off, which literally means “breaking my ass.” From that perspective, other possible translations would be “I’m shit laughing” or “I’m dying of laughter”. This term began to be used on the internet to mean something that is very funny.

This abbreviation is part of internet jargon and is clearly rude. However, the expansion of its use has led to it being used as a synonym for something that is funny without the need to refer to its literal meaning.


A more vulgar derivation of LMAO is the acronym LMFAO which means “laughing until my fucking ass falls off“. In this case, it is a direct use of foul vocabulary.

LMFAO was an American electro pop duo that ran from 2006 to 2012. Some of the group’s achievements were, for example, making their two albums among the top three dance albums in America.