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Definition of Chromatica

Surely you already know that Chromatica is the title of the album released by the singer Lady Gaga. If you want to know more about the meaning of Chromatica, stay at so you know more about this word.

The word Chromatica itself is not registered in any dictionary, but we can translate it as “chromatic” which is a term associated with colors.

The artist Lady Gaga argues that Chromatica is a fictional place created by her, in this place she says to link all the colors and sounds in her mind.

The Chromatica album is the sixth studio album by pop artist Lady Gaga. The release of this album will be on April 10, 2020. This album has a tour scheduled for June 2020, called Chromatica Ball .

Curious fact

  1. It is important to know the meaning of Chromatic since it is linked to the origin of the name of this album.
  2. The term Chromatic the RAE defines it as ¨related to color¨. From a more technical point of view, optics is when objects outlined with the colors of the rainbow are presented to a lens or instrument.
  3. In relation to the optics, this is called the chromatic range and is the grouping of colors depending on their qualities. It is divided into 3 main groups: secondary primary and tertiary.
  4. While this also has a concept applied to music, this in music is all sound, harmony, melody or instrument is produced by the halftone system, known as chromatic scale.