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Definition of Tusa

It is making an effort that is excessive and painful. In other words, doing something with determination, but that does not bring adequate benefits.


Deep feeling of melancholy and sadness product of a love breakup. Generally, it is accompanied by excessive crying, depression and, in some occasions, the use of alcohol and listening to music with romantic content.

Central part or heart of the cob. It is part of the waste that this fruit leaves, it is characterized by being a hard and abrasive element.

In some areas, tusa is told to a person that they do not have an appreciable appearance or that they do not demonstrate dignity by their actions.

A concave scar that remains after having chickenpox.


Name given to a cigarette made from Corn leaves.


Synonym of the horse’s mane. That is, each of the strong and thick hair that equines have on their tail and on the top of their heads and neck.

costa rica

Sheet that acts as a covering or wrapper for corn. It is used like this in other places in Central America such as El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras,


It refers to a woman who has excessive joy and flirtatious attitudes that are almost innate.


Rodent characterized by having brown hair and weighing less than 1kg. It is also known as t height or pocket rats.


Hairstyle in the form of a tail that women do, mainly, in times of excessive heat or sports. For example: Look how beautiful Maria’s tusa is

Excessive feeling of tiredness. That is, the tusa is the moment when you feel that you can no longer perform physical activity.


The expression “find the tusa for your cvlo” implies that one person found another who could put it in its place.

In some parts of South America tusar is the action of shearing or cutting hair. Also, like punishing a person with physical abuse.

Town located in Messina, Italy.


  1. Unnecessary
  2. Unproductive


  1. Spite
  2. Sadness


  1. Coquette
  2. Vain


  1. Exhaustion
  2. Soft spot

costa rica

  1. Amero
  2. Cob leaf


  1. Cigar
  2. Cigarette


  1. Essential
  2. Necessary


  1. Happiness
  2. Satisfaction


  1. Humble
  2. Recumbent


  1. Strength
  2. Vivacity


The word tusa derives from tuso and this, in turn, from the Latin tondere which means to shave or tonsus which means to mistreat. It is from these two Latin words that all the different meanings of tusa are derived in the different Spanish-speaking territories.

Due to its use, the expression took on different connotations in each region and this made it have high polysemy. Depending on each geographical area, a totally different meaning and in a different context can be applied to this term.


Tusa is a song by Colombian singer Karol G and Trinidadian rapper Nicki Minaj. The song has been well received by the public and makes use of the Colombian meaning towards spite or love discomfort.

La tusa was a Colombian soap opera produced in 2015 and it is an adaptation of the Argentine soap opera called “No sos vos, soy yo”.