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Definition of Tragaito

The word tragaito belongs to the Colombian slang that alludes to a person who has an intense feeling of attraction or romantic love towards someone.

It means to be very much in love with someone. It is the action and effect of being in love.


  1. Person in love
  2. Illusioned by love
  3. Infatuation
  4. Strong passion

ORIGIN OF Tragaito

It has an uncertain etymology, since it could come from the Greek verb τρώγω, whose aorist infinitive is τραγεῖν, which means to eat, to gnaw.

This to denote to the effect of swallowing food, however, we are already seeing that in Colombia this term is also used to refer to the passion, strong feeling and infatuation of one person for another.

On the other hand, the verb tragar (to swallow) is of uncertain origin. In the Spanish-Hispanic etymological dictionary of Corominas and Pascual, the idea that it may come from the Latin trahere (to throw) is rejected and it says that it may come from the Latin draco (devouring monster), from which we have the words dragon and Dracula.

In Catalan there is the form dragar.

To be “tragaíto”, that is, to be “swallowed” supposes an “intense” infatuation towards another person. Someone who says “estoy tragado” indicates that he or she “loves” someone.


The word is made famous in 2023 by the single by Colombians Shakira and Karol G named “TQG” which is part of Karol G’s fourth studio album, “Mañana será Bonito”. The acronym refers to a verse of the same melody, in which they intone: “Baby what was it? No pues que muy tragaito (swallow it down)”.

In the lyrics of the song the singers make clear reference to their exes, Piqué and Anuel respectively, as well as the one Shakira released with Bizarrap on January 11 with a clear message to the father of her children.