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Definition of Toogras

The word toogras is a term used in social networks and in magic, witchcraft and esoteric events to refer to that magical term that will unite you with your loved one.

It refers to what you should look for and write on your hand or before dawn if you long to find your soul mate. It is a word that refers to love in every sense, self-love, deserved love, good vibes in love, among other meanings.


  1. Self-love
  2. Deserved love
  3. Love
  4. Search for love
  5. Search for a partner
  6. Eternal love


The word toogras is a union of words, they refer to a union of two or three words of power used in magic.

The creation is attributed to a magician who received a commission to feel valued and by making these words with power, toogras wrote it on one of his hands and his aura became much stronger, which generated that he felt loved, respected and many other positive feelings.

People often use the word toogras to do acts of yoga, acts of magic or some other event related to the spiritual plane where the aura is enhanced and creates a sense of love and incredible belonging.


On TikTok, this word is already trending with millions of videos referring to its use and its magical positive consequences.

There are influencers who help to do the act of toogras, which consists of writing on any of your hands the word to awaken your aura and avoid attracting demons. Explain the magic that the aura is what relates to the other beings you meet in the world, it is your reflection.