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Definition of Nankurunaisa

The Japanese word Nankurunaisa refers to the English expression “everything will pass” or “time heals everything”. It is used to attract good luck and evoke positive things in life.

SYNONYMS FOR Nankurunaisa

  1. Goodness
  2. Everything will pass
  3. Inner peace
  4. Confidence in the future

ORIGIN OF Nankurunaisa

Nankurunaisa is a word of Japanese origin and is related to the idea that all will be well.
Its expression from ancient Japan is understood as “never forget who you are and live for today and tomorrow, never forget to smile and no matter how terrible your day has been, remember that tomorrow the sun will greet you with a big smile, you do the same”.

It can be applied both in the personal aspect and in general for all things.

In the tradition of that country it is said that the Japanese ancestors always pronounced it to attract good luck or used it to evoke all the good and positive things in life, pronouncing this term frequently and practically in all kinds of occasions. They felt that the mere fact of saying it brought them inner peace and confidence in what was to come.

For this reason and little by little the word Nankurunaisa became an authentic mantra. It is an expression that helps to connect with a positive and encouraging inner vibration to express our gratitude for today, which affects the future.

It is a term that should be pronounced with a deep emotional connection and with the purpose of balancing the inner energies.


It is known as the most beautiful word in the world.

Nankurunaisa is a 2020 techno song by Einsiedler

Nankurunaisa is also a 2022 song by Dj Xboy and Blue Sector