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Definition of Rockstar

Translated from English it means “Estrella de Rock“, that is, an artist who stands out in this musical genre and is known worldwide for being a representative of that musical style.


In social networks, being a “Rockstar” is a sign of complete independence , that is, someone who does what he wants with his life and who can survive without the help of anyone, especially in the sentimental field. It is mainly used on social networks such as Tik Tok and Twitter.


The term Rockstar is the union of two English words that in Spanish mean “rock star”. This word began to be used in the last century to designate those rock singers and musicians who had great fame or acceptance by the public.

The reference to star or “star” is associated with the fact that it is at the highest point that can be reached. For this reason, the term has been associated with sectors and contexts other than music, to designate someone who has reached the “highest point” of independence, especially emotional.


“Rockstar Games” is a company that is dedicated to the creation of video games. It was founded in 1998 and one of its most famous games is “Grand theft Auto”.

In social networks it is very common to find this word in publications that say “it is not very rockstar of me…” showing that despite their independence something softens their heart or they lack it.