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Definition of Petar

The word petar can be used for different contexts, although the concept of petar is always the same. Here at The Wan Shi Tong Library, we will teach you the meaning of petar and some examples so that you understand everything about this word.

Petar is a widely used word in Spain since its origin comes from the Catalan petar, peer and means “to explode”. For this reason it is very common to hear people say “this is going to petar” , referring to something going to explode , or “I would petar to go to that place”, in which “petaría” means “I would burst with happiness”.

Synonyms of Petar: 

  • Burst
  • Exploit

Words Related to Petar

  • Fascinate
  • Turn on
  • To get mad

You know what Petar means