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Definition of Tingolita

Native to the Dominican Republic, tingolita is not in any known dictionary, however, here at The Wan Shi Tong Library, we are going to explain the meaning of tingolita and everything you need to know regarding this word.

This word represents the action of hitting with the index finger. In some countries they would call it “Capirotazo” or “Papirote”, but in the Dominican Republic they call it a tingolite.

Synonym for Tingolita: flipping, papirote, hit finger

How to give a Tingolita:

what does tingolite mean

To give a tingolita, the index finger must be bent and held with the thumb so that the fingernail of the index finger is under the thumb. Then you should try to put the index finger straight, but at the same time trying to avoid it with your thumb. The more pressure builds up, the stronger the tingolita will be.

You know what Tingolite means