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Definition of TBT

Literally translated from English Throwback Thursday means “Thursday to go back” or “Thursday to go back”.

By extension and use in social networks it means that on a Thursday you are going to publish something from the past. Typically these are photos and are tagged with #TBT.


This term was initially popularized on twitter to publish what the way of dressing was in past decades. Then, thanks to its great acceptance, it spread to other networks such as Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, Reddit, Facebook and even WhatsApp.

In 2012 was the moment when #TBT went viral. From that time on, it began to be used in a massive way and today it is one of the best known hashtags and used by the participants of the different networks.


When sharing a TBT, the following basic rules should be followed:

Make it a memorable memory or something similar, but never a recent selfie or photo.

That you have any relationship with the photo, otherwise, it would not be a memorable memory that belongs to you.

The photo must be old, you should not upload a photo of a week and put TBT on it.

Make it Thursday, otherwise TBT should not be used.

TBT is a song by Sebastián Yatra, Rauw Alejandro and Manuel Turizo released in 2020.

Other artists have made songs with the term TBT, some of them are Jamby el Favo and Lenny Tavárez.