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Definition of Hangover

Hangover is a collection of signs and symptoms related to a recent episode of heavy drinking , but this is not all that Hangover means.

The Hangover can occur at any time of the day, but they are generally more common in the morning, immediately after a night of heavy drinking.

In addition to physical symptoms, the person may experience elevated levels of  anxietyregretshame, and depression. The severity of a hangover is closely related to the amount of alcohol consumed and whether the patient slept enough; The less you sleep, the worse the hangover.

How to avoid a Hangover?

It is impossible to say how much alcohol can be safely consumed to avoid a hangover: it depends on the individual and other factors, such as how tired they were before starting to drink, if they were already dehydrated before starting to drink, if they drank a lot of water during the drinking session and how much they slept after.

You already know the meaning of Hangover.