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Definition of Mamila

Name given to the tit of a female among mammals without taking into account the nipple. That is, it designates the entire fleshy part of the tits.

The way in which it refers in some Spanish-speaking areas to the man’s nipple.


Container used to artificially breastfeed babies. It is usually made of plastic or glass and is also known as a baby bottle.

Silicone rubber in the shape of a nipple that is given to babies or children to suck on. It is also known as a pacifier or pacifier.

Colloquially, the term is used to describe a conceited or arrogant person. Nummies are people who keep highlighting their high status, belongings or abilities.


The Slovenian term mamila translates into Spanish as “drugs”. That is, it refers to products that are consumed to alleviate and treat disease or recreationally.


Mamila is a term that comes from the Latin mamilla, which is short for mamma. In other words, in Spanish it literally means “tetilla” and from there each of its meanings used among the speakers of this language are born.

Originally the term refers to the man’s nipple. However, given the wide use of Spanish, other meanings were adopted, especially in Mexico. Despite this, these semantics are related to the primary sense.


Cooking with a mamila, is the name of the YouTube channel of “cholita”, a Peruvian woman who makes videos preparing various dishes of Peruvian cuisine.