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Taki taki

Definition of Taki taki

The singer Ozuna of the reggaeton genre who invented this expression said that he does not know what it really means but that it can be “nothing, a dance, a flow or a rhythm”.

The word Taki in the indigenous Quechua language means “to sing”.






ORIGIN OF Taki taki

The song “Taki Taki” by the urban music singer Ozuna, is a song that has surpassed 359,967,644 plays on YouTube in just one month and has also become one of the favorite songs in the whole world.

Now, after the great success that “Taki Taki” has reaped, its main interpreter, Ozuna, expressed that he did not know what it meant when asked. That in Spanish it was something like “nada” or that it could be a flow or a dance, but that it was mainly “nada”.

Specifically he said, “Taki Taki is nothing, it’s a dance, it’s like a flow of music. It’s something new, a song. I don’t know what to say, it’s nothing in Spanish” assured the creator of the expression that has now become a trend.

Rapper Cardi B who participates in the song with Dj Snake said that “Taki Taki” was a word invented by Ozuna because artists are always inventing new things.

However, “Taki Taki” which is the title of the song, has generated great controversy, because a huge number of people have criticized this catchy phrase sung by the reggaetonero, ensuring that this expression has a very clear meaning: the touch of the intimate part of a woman, ie a “double touch” very similar to “Taki Taki” What do you think?


The video was published on October 5, 2018 and on YouTube it was the ninth fastest to reach 100 million views, the fifth fastest to reach 200 million, the fourth to reach more than 300 million and the fourth to exceed 500 million. In three months it had 1 billion views and accumulated 9.4 million likes.